Our meat-free range at a glance: burgers, curries, sauces and marinades, as well as rolls for every occasion and taste, including the unique SunWOWer® burger with sunflower seed protein Made in Germany.


JackWoWer Burger

Delicious smell, fantastic taste and really something to bite into. It consists of 30% jackfruit, is gluten-free and absolutely plant based.

932 kJ / 222 cal. pro 100g

40x125g box – Article No. 15151 

individual size on request

SunWoWer Burger

PowerSunflowerProteins = SunWOWer®. The 100% vegan, plant based burger Made in Germany is made from sunflower seeds. It is free from soya, lactose, GMO and artificial additives.The SunWOWer® comes raw or grilled: Ready to heat & eat!

932 kJ / 222 cal. pro 100g

40x120g box – Article No. 15150

individual size on request

Mexican Burger

There is nothing like this super-crunchy taco coating! And of course there are lots of black beans besides typical spices in it to make it genuine Mexican.

647 kJ / 155 cal per 100g

20x113g per box
Article No. 15212

Falafel Burger

This gives you really something to bite on! The burger scores with chunky consistency of whole chickpeas, refined with roasted aromas of grilled vegetables and butternut squash.

845 kJ / 202 cal. per 100g

20x100g per box
Article No. 15134

SunBeet Chickpea Burger

This burger is a vitamin bomb! Beetroot gives it its dainty red looks and loads of good vitamins. Chickpeas in whole make a chunky bite.

20 x 113g per box
Article No. 15906

Spinach Cheese Burger

Wanna get brawns? Eat spinach like Popeye, only in a more yummy version: tasty combination of spinach with rice, cheese and fine spices.

1.033 kJ / 248 cal. per 100g

20x113g per box
Article No. 15139

Mediterranean Burger

Best of Bella Italia: pesto, mozzarella and coated with Italian seasoning.

974 kJ/ 233 cal. per 100g

20x113g per box
Article No. 15137

Cheese Potato Leek Burger

Experience the delightful combination of leek, potato and cheese.

539 kJ / 129 cal. pro 100g

20x113g per box
Article No. 15282

Curries Vegan & Vegetarian

Curry Tikka Masala

Scents and tastes like fresh from the tandoori pot: tandoori seasoning and garam masala, finely balanced, in a creamy coconut sauce (veggie).

443 kJ / 105 cal. per 100g

2×2,5kg tray per box
Article No. 15008


Curry Madras

Some like it hot – with a sharpness that allows all other flavors to unfold equally in the mouth.

335 kJ / 80 cal. pro 100g

2×2,5kg tray per box
Article No. 15007


Curry Korma

Big AND the little ones will certainly lick this off the plate! Creamy, mild sauce refined with sweetish fruity mango chutney. Yum-Yum!

443 kJ / 105 cal. per 100g

2×2,5kg tray per box
Article No. 15009


Curry Sweet Potato

Coconut milk meets sweet potato. This curry has loads of firm veggies and a nice spiciness to it: medium in heat.

332 kJ / 79 cal. per 100g

2×2,5kg trays per box
Article No. 15011

10x350g bag per box
Article No. 15111

Curry Roasted Vegetable Jalfrezi

A colorful vegetable mix first roasted with turmeric before being allowed into the slightly sharpened Jalfrezi curry.

2×2,5kg tray per box
Article No. 15010

10x350g bag per box
Article No. 15100

Yellow Thai Vegetable Curry

Sawadee! From coriander to Thai basil, from yellow Thai curry to chilli – this sauce contains the whole South East Asian variety of herbs and spices from “the land of smiles”.

2×2,5kg tray per box
Article No. 15005


Butternut Spinach Lentil Curry

Chana Dal – we created an exquisite curry out of a simple lentil dish with butternut squash and spinach.

2×2,5kg tray per box
Article No. 15006


Curry Bean Masala

Composition of green lentils, kidney and borlotti beans with a light tandoori flavor and garam masala (veggie).

2×2,5kg tray per box
Article No. 15004



BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

The vegan alternative to pulled meat. The barbecue sauce is a delicious flavor carrier. The jackfruit fillets have the same texture and bite as the original.

559 kJ / 131 cal per 100 g

10 x 360 g per box
Article No. 15555

2 x 2,5 kg per box
Article No. 15055

Tender Jackfruit Cuts

Jackfruit fillets are the ideal meat alternative: juicy and firm in texture. Suitable for every vegan and vegetarian dish – marinated, grilled and slow cooked.

6x1kg per box
Article No. 16001

Asia Noodles

Pre-cooked, frozen ramen (durum wheat semolina with turmeric) and udon (wheat flour) noodles: Super practical portion-sized nests, ready to serve after two minutes in hot water.

200 x 50 g per box
Ramen Noodles
Article No. 17201

67 x 150 g per box
Udon Noodles
Article No. 17202

Brussels Waffles

Delicious Brussels waffles with an unique taste, traditional from Belgium. Taste sweet AND salty – for example with BBQ Pulled Jackfruit.

1322 kJ / 316 cal per 100 g

48 x 45 g per box
Article No. 17101

Peri Peri Sauces &  Marinades

These South African Peri Peri Sauces and Marinades have it all! From Lemon Herb over Mild to Hot. No matter how hot it is, it never causes after heat. The flavors of all spices can fully develop on your taste buds.

Lemon & Herb: Sauce
Mild: Sauce
Medium: Sauce / Marinade
Hot: Sauce / Marinade

6 x 250 ml per box
sorted or mixed


Wheat Bun

Fluffy and still compact. Our wheat bun has the bite quality of a delicious roll. Despite the sauce, it has a long holding time and does not soak through. Ideal for to go!

24 psc. per Box = 2,2kg

with Yummy Chow packages
24 psc. /box = 2,6kg

Grainy Bun

Our Grainy is vegan and matches perfectly with our meatless curry sauce, making it a super delicious vegan dish. In addition there is the chic carrying box.

24 psc. per Box = 2,2kg

with Yummy Chow packages
24 psc. /box = 2,6kg


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