How to eat a YUMMY CHOW

Our YUMMY CHOW does not only taste marvelous, it’s also great fun to eat – preferably with your fingers. Just like in South Africa, where it originally comes from and can be bought on any street corner. If you wanna have a big laugh, look at our video how you should eat YUMMY CHOW and especially – how you shouldn’t do it. Food is pure joy of life! Enjoy life – enjoy YUMMY CHOW!

How to prepare a Yummy Chow?

Street food tastes good and is in no time with the guest. Our YUMMY CHOW works just like that. Andrew Fordyce shows how fast the street food specialty coming from his native country South Africa is prepared. Just a few simple steps and a complete meal is ready, either to be eaten right away out of the hand or To Go thanks to a fun and practical carrying bag.

Merry X-mas from masande!

All we want for Christmas is to create joy and happiness. The thing about presents nowadays is that everyone has basically everything. That’s why we changed from food makers to film makers putting together a little something by ourselves with all our passion. This hopefully will bring smile and a little happiness. 

More words are not needed: Everything we wish for you is packed in our gift, which you can unwrap with just one click!